Hello, I’m glad you want to know more about me and my work. if this is your first time on Murtaza Amin Dot Com, I recommend you to go through this page properly to know more about me.

I (as you all know) am Murtaza Amin, I run a successful web-based business helping companies procure data for sales, intent, analytics and financial compliance.

I live in Nagpur, MS, India (moved back from the US in 2016) to bootstrap my business in a tier two city in India.

I aspire to experience the world, for that I need to travel, I have been to  12 countries, and 20 states in India.

What do I do?

I’m an entrepreneur, I help companies across the globe with accessing high quality data. I don’t talk the walk, I walk the talk.

so, here you go.

  1. I generated over 300k $ in 2015 for my company last year from the company I started in my parent’s garage single-handedly with zero capital.
  2. I made over 3 Million $ in sales last year for a major Insurance Company (Gary Blackmon Insurance Agency) / SaaS-based Social Media monitoring company (Synthesio) / a major bank in the US (CBC National Bank) combined.
  3. I have earned over a quarter million views on the website I founded in 2012 MBA KaKeeda before selling it out to work on my new passion Prospex Network (BizProspex.com) and move to the states eventually.
  4. I have helped over 450 companies in the past two years to fill up their CRM’s with fresh/updated and active leads.
  5. I’m currently ranked as the top 3 Marketing Professionals on UpWork.
  6. I run a 75 people company as the founder / director having three offices in two countries.
  7. And there is Murtaza Amin dot com too.

UpWork as you all know changed it’s pricing from 10% to 22.75% on May 4th, millions of freelancers and clients were shocked with this move, I thought to do something about it, I started a small movement that was joined by over ~230k people all over the world and was featured on Forbes / PoliticalAmerican / ViralNews and another dozen online and offline publications.

Read more about it here.

When I was in college, I found a way to get LinkedIn premium for free (I shared the trick with the LinkedIn team and got the due media recognition globally), because of an agreement with LinkedIn, I can’t share the link to the trick anymore.

I found a bug in Google Forms on March 2nd and have shared it with the Google Forms team and waiting for their reply on the same, will share more details once I hear back from them on this.

Update on the Google forms bug, it wasn’t a bug, it was a system issue that was resolved later. (I love Google, it is perfect).

Goals in life.

My Hobbies?

I love playing chess / enjoy reading (I’m not one of those avid readers though) / and yes, a traveller (I don’t take photos of the places I visit because I believe in creating experiences and memories that will live and die with me).

What keeps me busy these days?

Trying to grow the team at BizProspex from 75 to 200, and be happy with my girl friend in personal life.

My Guiding Principles

  1. The things that are going to happen in life, are going to happen in life. Make the best of all your resources to achieve what you always wanted to.
  2. I have never worked for money in my life, I have worked and money came in eventually.
  3. Whether succeed or fail, I always wanted to do something that interests me and the internet has changed my life, the internet has given me wings to fly/travel and live the life I could have only dreamt of.
  4. You are the average of 5 people you most hang out with, make sure you make friends/mentors wisely.
  5. Always be open to learning.

Thank you for visiting.

Murtaza Amin (my LinkedIn / my resume)

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  1. Hi… Murtazaa Sir… my self Tushal… I want to share my experience in ebiz…Maine bhi January me ebiz join Kiya tha… Aur Maine kuch friends Ko invite bhi Kiya join karne ke liye… But koi bhi mere saath event ke liye nahi aaya… Kuch din Baad maine khud Ko Friends ki jagah rakh kar socha ki… Ki mai Kahi unke paise to nahi duba rahahu… Uske Baad se hi maine ebiz chod diya… Sir… Muje bahot Bura lagta hai jab koi ebiz join karta hai.. aur kuch kar nahi paata…

    Sir muje apke videos bahot acche lagte hai… Ebiz ke Baad se maine ek YouTube channel start Kiya jo ab bahot accha chal rahahai…
    I have just one question
    Q. Kya ebiz computer course ke certificate valid rahenge sab jagah…?

    I hope I will reply soon

      1. To phir Apni sari 10th and +2 ke certificates ko.. Fadd do then Pata chalega.. No certificate can valid. Only knowledge.. Okay.

  2. You dumber MLM companies can only increase the revenue of the country .In all the only MLM companies can make India developed

  3. sir its really urgent .. i want to leave ebiz before 1 month so that i can get refund .. its just 3 days left. so plz tell me the procedure for refund.

  4. Sir,all of my highschool friends have already joined ebiz and are trying to join me too.I was almost brainwashed by their so called “leader” before i got back to my senses.I atleast want to stop the ones who are planning to join it.plese give me some ideas….

  5. Apni.. Bakwas.. Bandd.. Karo. Aur. Tum.. Jiss company ke promoter Ho uski videos banaya Karo.. Okay..

  6. Hi ,

    Owner of one website development company in burhanpur , I would like to tell you all guys that murtza is very intelligent entrepreneur and I know one day he will have very huge company my all blessings with him

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