Salesforce Why is it shut down now and what to do next?

Salesforce discontinued, which was reportedly making money for the company by offering qualified leads to the businesses. And if you are wondering and still trying to make sense of what happened, here’s why the leading cloud-based CRM services provider decided to pull the plug on its sales and B2Blead generation component. It seems like the end of an era, but a logical conclusion to a technology solution that has served its purpose and outlived its utility.  

What is Salesforce

According to its official website, is the first complete and native data solution inside Salesforce. Conceived with Dun & Bradstreet, the company scraps off the internet to build a contact list. The Salesforce CRM tools can access this contact list for workflow automation, email automation and marketing automation. 

The company offers data mining services and data scrubbing services to businesses to maintain and update this data.  The clean, reliable and qualitative data enables businesses to generate actionable insights and empowers them to stay ahead of the curve. The services of are classified into two segments, namely Clean and Prospector. 

Salesforce Data.Com Clean

The Salesforce Clean boasts of powerful data verification tools that improve the quality of contact and lead data, enrich it further by adding relevant and target-specific details to it. The entire process, right from data appending to data scraping takes place inside Salesforce via

Salesforce Data.Com Prospector

The Prospector is native to Salesforce and is a tool used to search or filter through the target. Since the businesses are targeting a specific set of customers, the pipeline is much faster, bottlenecks are reduced, and the connection to the customers is more streamlined. The outreach program becomes more aligned to the marketing objective. The Prospector offers you a 360-degree view of sales and marketing processes right within Salesforce.

According to Salesforce, the existing connects within the system will be used to maintain the towards the end-of-life. Once it is achieved (by 2020), the contact database will be archived and will no longer be in use. 

While the licenses of Prospector and Clean can’t be renewed now, these tools are slated to go out of circulation entirely and retire on July 31, 2020.

The journey of Salesforce Data.Com came into being with Salesforce’s acquisition of Jigsaw. Even before this collab, Jigsaw was considered to be a quality tool that enabled businesses and sellers to democratise crowd-sourced data from different sources such as tax, mailing records, events or tradeshows. Businesses could exchange their compiled data and make the most of it. 

Rechristened as, the Jigsaw’s democratisation of data appears to feel like more of an afterthought that was on the way to become irrelevant sooner than you might think. The advent of social media, especially LinkedIn, the sellers are getting better at contact sourcing and contacting the person directly without the circuitous routes of a lead generation portal.  Then, there were targeted email marketing campaigns that emphasised on personalisation, whereas provided contacts for mass-mailing and which were company-centric. The businesses, however, moved on to a proved ROI-based strategy where they communicated with buyers and companies that are the perfect fit for their business and services. The ROI-oriented account-based tools and not the ones handing out contacts is the need of the hour. 

Since last year, it has stopped taking new customers. However, it is not the only one. Other big data and data mining services providers such as Salesloft’s Prospector, KiteDesk have closed the doors for new customers too. B2B companies and sales reps that relied heavily on contact data provided by the are still trying to understand the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’, and we help them find out exactly that! 

One among the many reasons that Salesforce decided to call it quits with was to abide by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that brings crowd-sourced data under the scanner. According to this law, “Organisations found breaching the GDPR can be fined up to four per cent of annual global turnover or an amount of €20 Million (whichever is greater).” 

 It is the maximum fine that can be levied upon the businesses that don’t adhere to most serious infringement yet the basic requirements of an outreach campaign such as having sufficient consent from the customer to use their data. Crowd-sourced data comes without any liability and is often duplicated. Once it enters into a system, it is difficult to ensure its hygiene. Regular CRM data cleaning and various checkpoints are the ways to keep data current and complete. 

Besides, there are several data mining tools available in the market as opposed to when Salesforce started. While marketing automation has still a long way to go, the businesses now have a variety of tools outside the periphery of Salesforce while being highly compatible and platform-agnostic. The lack of new features to accommodate targeted and micro focussed marketing campaigns also contributed to its demise.  

As social sourcing the contact becomes the widely-accepted form of lead generation, account-based selling takes the place of mass mailing, stringent laws for outreach campaign come into being, and businesses look beyond the CRM for data solutions, Salesforce has no option but to shut down

Nonsensical and Irresponsible Data Sanitation Practices gained popularity for leading the way forward to the democratic availability of data. However, the idea of ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ didn’t work out well. There were no sanity checks to the data uploaded, the data scrubbing practices were non-existent, and users could upload any data lists that they want. Experts like Neil Patel have always emphasised on the importance of paying attention to the origin of data rather than building an overloaded system. However, companies often fail to understand the 101 of data quality. Salespeople forget the core principle of their work that it is ever-evolving. People tend to change their jobs, address and email IDs, but the changed details rarely make it to the contact list. 

When businesses hire a third-party database, the CRM gets inundated with outdated, duplicated and incomplete data.  So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a sales rep end up wasting more than 546 working hours in a year owing to the bad data in the system. 

Lack of regulatory practices was cool for businesses before the latter realised its uncool lack and utter disregard for personalisation and data mining services. An outreach campaign to reach out to your customers isn’t about sending the same mail to an odd list of 10,000 people (Fact check: it is spam).  It is about connecting with the customers they want it or the way they would prefer. So, when this data prospecting tool closes down completely, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Missing fields, duplicate data, invalid formatting and invalid values just add to the madness of crowd-source data. Here’s just a sneak peek at enterprise lead disposition for businesses, showcasing the impact of poor quality data on B2B lead generation.



The lack of reinventing

Companies, these days, are thriving on data and focus on making a data-oriented system for their business processes. However, it is the quality of data that often gets overlooked.  The email marketing campaigns are now interactive, more personalised and tend to serve a niche target segment. Cold calling or emailing is still relevant, but it is also quality over quantity. If only had reinvented its practices and had adopted a proactive approach towards email appending and data scrubbing, we wouldn’t be here talking about the downfall of it. 


A salesperson making an unintentional typo while entering the details in the system, not following the format, or a customer changing a job – it all leads to unstructured and poor-quality data.  According to this research by Marketing Sherpa, every year, up to thirty per cent of data becomes inadequate and inaccurate. At the same time, businesses do nothing about it but continue to base their business decisions on it.

Bad CRM data leads to higher bounce rates of email, inaccurate details of customers result in poor business decisions, wasted time and efforts. The practice of keeping data up-to-date is rare than you might think despite its criticality. 

At times when companies are opening up to nudge-based user personas, buyer behaviour, social listening and predictive analysis, data is what drives them all and quality data is non-negotiable. However, scored a big ZERO when it came to offering relevant and current data to its clients – the only job that it had.

So, what to do now? is gone, and with it being out of the picture, you need to find data appending companies that adhere to international CAN-SPAM regulations and have data appending services in place. A data solution provider that takes the ownership of the data it is provided to you and ensures it is updated, complete and accurate. It should offer value-based solutions such as CRM cleaning, email data validation, email verification, email address validation and scrubbing simultaneously to ensure that the data is checked and looked into for discrepancies at various checkpoints, especially when it enters into the system. 

Accurate, verified, and targeted contact data is the need of the hour. Your salespeople shouldn’t spend their time double-verifying email address details off the social media or finding out the right information for a targeted segment when you have already paid for it. 

The real cost of car ownership (PS: most are losing money)

I had purchased a used car almost a year ago that I sold yesterday, here is the math I did mentally before taking the decision to sell it:

A used car costs approx: 3.5L (very base model, higher if you move to a standard car)

Interest on car cost in 4 years: 1.8L

Cost to maintain: 12K / yr

Insurance: 12K / yr

Dep.: 20% / yr

Parking costs in a city like Mumbai, along with the fact that it takes 15 – 20 mins on an average to find a spot and 50 – 70 rs per 2 hours to park.

Petrol: 18K / yr (1500 rs / month avg)

If you use car only for once in a week, the math for Ola, Uber or zoomcar (assuming 5 one way trips in a day) or one day rental for zoomcar to avg about 1600 rs/day assuming you use it for 48 days in a year, i.e 4 times a month for a day or 4 days at a stretch in a month, it would be 77,000 rs/yr (no maintenance and no insurance, no upfront cost, no deprecation)

If you use the car daily, it makes sense to buy, but if you use once in a week, ola, uber, or zoomcar is better.

Here’s the base math of what makes ola, uber or zoomcar cheaper.

Cost for zoomcar if used once per week: 6500 / month (and cost for insurance / dep. / maintenance is all included in this).

Cost for Ola, uber if used for 20 trips per month at 250 rs per trip: 5000 rs / month.

Cost for own car (considering dep at 20% / year, petrol usage of 15 km / trip), 4000 rs lost per month when 4 lakh is put in a dead asset like a car, 1000 rs lost in insurance and 1500 in petrol and 1000 in maintenance and dep. cost to be: 50K per year).

Total cost to own a car: 50K + 12K + 12K + 18K + 48K = 1.4L

Total cost for Ola, Uber or Zoomcar (if used for 48 days in a year at a flat rate of 1600 rs / day = 60 – 77K (60K for Ola, Uber, and 77K for Zoomcar)

You are actually losing 63K rs per year at least if you own a car and use it only for 30 days in a year, a better option is to use Ola, Uber or Zoomcar.

It would only make sense to own a car if you use it for 60 days in a year or 6+ days in a month to break even.

Ofcourse, there is the luxury factor involved in owning a car, plus convenience and emergencies, more often than not, Ola, Uber ditches you at night, if you can buy a car with cash, and spend only 5% of your net worth on a car, the above calculation doesn’t make sense in your case.

And here’s the bonus, Did you forget the fact that Ola, Uber comes with a driver, and ZoomCar comes with zero liability and allows you cash in hand.

** In the calculation above, considering depreciation at a flat of 50K / yr (which is very Conservative) / value of cash if invested at 1% per month (easy to do so in an MF).

5 Reasons to Outsource Data Mining Services

Let’s face the truth; our world is made up of raw data. Data mining services is the need of the hour for every small to large business alike. The demand for data mining services is increasing exponentially. Data mining services is an essential tool for every business because it helps with the extraction of useful or relevant data out of an infinite set of raw data.

Proper maintenance of data leads to the growth of any business and facilitates the decision-making process. Thus, data is the backbone of any business irrespective of the domain and size.

Still Shooting Blind Arrows for Lead Generation?

Gone are the times where marketing teams shot blind arrows to generate leads. The world now is driven by quality data, which is relevant and appropriately mined by extracting patterns and relevancy. The world now has moved to an age of personalization. Marketing strategies are evolving every day with the help of data mining. Not just that, revenue estimation, company’s growth graph, competitor’s growth analysis, everything is determined with the help of data mining.

However, usually, the responsibility of useful mining data falls under the lap of the company’s marketing team, which is more than often not well-equipped neither trained. Thus, it leads to a haphazard between sales and marketing teams and also leads to their misalignment. Sales team fail to generate revenue out of inferior quality leads, and the entire marketing strategy goes for a toss.

The repercussions of a failed marketing strategy lower the morale of not just sales and marketing teams but the entire organization. The company also has to recuperate from a financial loss caused by a failed marketing strategy. Thus data mining services goes a long way in minimizing such losses. Also, it is highly prevalent and also profoundly wise to outsource this centripetal task to companies which specialize in data mining services. Data mining is a broad concept which can be sub-divided into services like CRM cleaning, email appending, Data scrubbing, Web mining, skip tracing and others. At BizProspex we offer all these services at a competitive price.

5 Major Reasons to Outsource Data Mining Services:

reason to outsource data mining services

Let’s admit it. Specialized third party does a better job!

Data is the most tangible asset of any company. Therefore appointing a third party who is professionally trained and well equipped does a better job at mining data. Sales or marketing team is often not trained or equipped at mining relevant data. Thus, it is beneficial to appoint third party companies for data mining-related services. Better the quality of leads better will be the lead conversion. Third-party companies always understand the stakes of providing quality data because of their profit and growth. Thus, it is only natural that they do a better job at useful mining data out of unstructured raw data. Also, such companies specialize in providing data mining services and are bound to do a better job than your sales or marketing teams. They have a hands-on experience and are equipped with all the latest tools which are required to mine data.

Increase in Productivity:

When you outsource a crucial task like data mining to a third party, it gives your sales and marketing teams a lot of freedom and space. Now they can design and innovate a marketing strategy which is highly optimized and bear phenomenal results. Thus this increases the overall productivity of the company. The sales and marketing teams can do what they are better best at, while the third party company that specializes in data do their best too. It’s a win-win for both the parties and also increases the productivity of the company.

We all know companies like Amazon, FedEx are performing data analytics for decades now and have set their benchmarks strappingly. When it boils down to B2B marketing outsourcing data analytics can give a much-needed boost to the company.

Cost Reduction:

This is provided; outsourcing data mining services to third party companies save a lot of money in the long run. When you deploy a marketing strategy on quality leads, this increases the ROI significantly. Especially for small-scale businesses employing and finding a quality data scientist can be a cumbersome task, and what if one employee isn’t sufficient? Also, consider the additional charges such as taxes and perks are needed to lure a quality data scientist.

Thus, it is logical and cost-saving to outsource this task to a third-party company like BizProspex, which specializes in services like CRM cleaning, data verification data mining, data appending services, Web scraping services and others.

Process Management:

As said earlier, data being the most tangible asset of any business requires a lot of diligence and maintenance. Quality data is beneficial for any organization, whereas stale data can be hazardous. Therefore, data requires a lot of security and process management. Maintaining and formulating data is not a onetime thing; it is a continuous process. Thus it is more comfortable and always better to outsource this mammoth task to third party companies like BizProspex.

Third-party companies maintain the security and integrity of your data. It thrives on ensuring that the data adheres the given timelines and is relevant. Thus, it is easier to maintain data with the help of third-party companies.


Let’s assume, you land up on few substantial projects and require immediate data assistance. In such a scenario, it is straightforward to outsource this task to a third party company who can quickly come up with the desired results. Thus, involving a third party allows you to scale-up your business very rapidly and in no time. Hence, outsourcing your data analytics job to a third company is, in all ways, a profitable deal. Appointing full-time data scientists can be cumbersome while selecting a freelance third party is far more manageable.

How can we help?

We at BizProspex provide the following services at very competitive pricing:

  1. CRM cleaning: We perform CRM cleaning by taking over your existing data and fixating it by taking admin rights to your CRM software. Enjoy hassle-free CRM data cleaning with us. We refresh the data on your CRM so that it shines like new.
  2. Data Mining: If you are looking for fresh and high quality leads for your business, BizProspex can do the trick. We offer data mining services where we provide highly accurate and thoroughly checked leads to our clients.
  3. Data Appending: We also perform data appending, by adding relevant information to your existing data and removing the stale data. We also look for missing entries and inconsistencies and make sure what we deliver is complete data free of any incumbencies.
  4. Data Scrubbing: Data Scrubbing is the process of removing stale data and refurbishes it. We at BizProspex provide data scrubbing services at a very compelling price.
  5. Web Scrapping: We also dig up websites on World Wide Web and scrap out information which can be very useful. Data scraping can help you devise a marketing strategy by giving you an idea of your competitors. You can check your growth and analyze and make informed decisions with the help of Web scraping.


An Entrepreneur with a Difference – Murtaza Amin

In a country which caters most of its resources to its big cities, Murtaza Amin established a startup BizProspex in an Indian 3-tier town of Burhanpur. To do something for the region which had given him food to eat and air to breathe was the sole purpose behind this step.

murtaza amin

BizProspex is a data mining and B2B lead generation company, with a dream to bring a change in the society which believes big action can only happen in big cities.

In 2011, Murtaza started his career from a Mumbai based O2O (online to offline) firm. He soon realised that his ambition was to do something different. In 2013 He started BizProspex, a data mining and data cleaning company which offers on-demand data mining, data appending, b2b lead generation, CRM data cleaning and email appending services. It helps other businesses grow with the data it provides. Today, after six years of inception, BizProspex serves customers from all around the world.

One of the main objectives of founding BizProspex was to bring about reverse migration in Burhanpur. The cream youth of the city had moved to bigger cities in search of better opportunities; the main reason was lack of development and industrialisation which resulted in educated and skilled youth becoming unemployed. In India, the government is less interested in the advancement of smaller cities. Agriculture and allied sectors employ 44% of the total population of India, most of these people belong to rural India. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper attention by the government, the condition of this sector is bad and farmers are committing suicides which are affecting everyone working in this sector and people are migrating to big cities to find better chances of survival. Industrialisation is growing in India, but mostly in major urban areas where the impact of tax money spent is low as compared to that of smaller tier 3 towns. A uniform development strategy is required to bring rural India on the radar of modernisation (look at China for example).

Migration to urban areas has created many other problems. Big cities are becoming overcrowded, and the standard of living for recent migrants is too low. People are living on the streets.

mumbai street cooking

This image shows two youths cooking their food near Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai.

mumbai dream reality

This image shows a person taking a bath on a footpath near Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai.

Pollution of big cities is also a big issue today. Many people suffer from various respiratory disease in the Indian national capital New Delhi and other big cities, which is becoming a big reason for reverse migration.

In such a mess, BizProspex is doing its bit by employing 40 youth of this small town and is growing with time.

Initially, after founding BizProspex, Murtaza shifted to the USA to get better insights into the data industry. There is a massive difference between internet penetration and the number of online firms in the USA and India. In the year 2016, BizProspex shifted back to India in Burhanpur to serve as an example for reverse migration. However, it was not that easy; amongst the most significant challenges were hiring skilled people who can understand the start-up’s ideology and mould them up for future growth. Therefore hiring talented employees became a massive problem because the cream of the crowd had already moved to bigger cities in search of better job opportunities and improved lifestyle. So the choices were limited. Also, people lacked the necessary professionalism to take BizProspex a notch higher.

Although, the pros outshone the cons as BizProspex became part of the reverse migration movement. BizProspex has now shaped itself as a bustling young company formed by a pool of passionate people living in Burhanpur. Burhanpur also offers a low cost of living, lesser pollution and lesser stress levels.

BizProspex is now rated as among top 3 data mining companies in the world by Upwork, a freelancing platform. It boasts of 100% accuracy in the services it provides. The reason why BizProspex manages to ensure high accuracy is that they deploy manual data mining techniques which might take a little longer than its automated counterparts, but stands taller in terms of data accuracy as nothing can beat human instincts and logic, it also gives employment to more people.

It gives great satisfaction to repay the perks and bounties of our homeland. To pave the way for development and better lifestyles of people living with us is undoubtedly a privilege cherished by many. It might hamper the speed of growth, but it is rightly said by Mr Ratan Tata, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.”

Mailchimp’s New Pricing Model: Yay or Nay?

On 15th May 2019, Mailchimp dropped an email to all its users, announcing the change in their pricing policy. Mailchimp has now decided to evolve into an all-in-one marketing platform from an already unique email marketing platform. However, the big question is, whether the new pricing model is Yay or Nay?

Founded in 2001, Mailchimp a popular email marketing platform, offered excellent services at affordable prices but with the new pricing model, we aren’t very sure about Mailchimp anymore. More and more marketers have already started looking for better alternatives.






So what’s changed?

Mailchimp now comes up with a four-tier pricing policy instead of three. Four of which includes free, $9.99/month, $14.99/month or $299/month (hiked from the current pricing of free, $10/month, $199/month).

Apart from the pricing change, Mailchimp also claims to add a variety of features which shall help its users to develop a better insight of their subscribers. It now provides a brand new dashboard of ‘Audiences’. If you are a new user, a new pricing policy shall be applied to your post on 15th May. Also, if you are an existing user, get ready to incorporate the latest changes, a.k.a new features onto your Mailchimp accounts.

A significant change which is causing much outrage from its users is that Mailchimp has now included unsubscribers to its audience list. For those who are new to mailchimp, Mailchimp offers 2000 free email addresses, which will also include the ones who have unsubscribed to your newsletter. Mailchimp reasons, the move is made for the users to build a better understanding of their audience. However, what we don’t understand is how the audience which has unsubscribed willingly can still be relevant or useful for any online business.

Previously Mailchimp used to charge its customer on subscribers basis. It used to provide “lists” which is now changed into “Audience” which will also include the unsubscribers or the people who have opted-out of the email newsletter.

mailchimp newsletter

So let’s consider, you are a new online business and have opted for the free mailchimp service and your unsubscribe rate is 50%. This implies that 1000 out of free 2000 email addresses are rendered to no use.

Mailchimp explains that the inclusion of unsubscribers to the “Audience” can have a favourable long-term implications. We can’t predict the future; however, we are sure that many marketers can’t digest the new pricing policy in the present. As a result, many notably, new marketers are looking for alternatives already.


Mailchimp has been a great email marketing platform for more than a decade. It has a strong and loyal customer base, which will keep Mailchimp into business despite the policy change. Nevertheless, if you are a new marketer, Mailchimp is generous enough to give a free service till 2000 emails, which also includes the unsubscribers. However, if you are a paid member, Mailchimp does offer a wide range of services but is also very costly. The premium revised plan is 299$ per month, which is obnoxiously expensive. Therefore, if you aren’t willing to spare a considerable sum, you must start looking for other options.


We at (BizProspex) have created a survey to know the reaction of MailChimp users to this pricing revision. Please click this link and complete the survey, we will send the survey results to MailChimp CEO on 28th May for him to reconsider his decision.

Reverse Migration In India: The Next Big Wave?

Migration in India is going to be the next big wave. Murtaza Amin, founder of BizProspex, a data mining/cleaning firm, among many others have joined the bandwagon. Are you in for the next big wave?

What if you can achieve your American dream: From Rags to Riches by living closer to your home and loved ones? What if you’d be able to define your success rather than a multi-national giant defining it for you? What if you can skip the traffic and pollution of the big city and live a peaceful life and yet be successful? There are people who are daring to achieve their dreams from their homes and are following reverse migration in India. Away from the chaos of a big city reverse migration in India is certainly going to be the next big wave.

Reverse Migration is going to have far reaching outcomes than we can imagine. Many young entrepreneurs have already realized the potential and tenacity of relatively smaller towns of India. So they decided to have their Start-ups set up there and joining the revolution. In 2016, Murtaza Amin founder of BizProspex, who was successfully running his business first in Mumbai then in NYC, decided to move back to his roots and became a part of Reverse migration in India.

founder of bizprospex

Murtaza set out with his career doing some odd jobs in a small marketing firm which dealt in data based in Mumbai the city of dreams. (Need correction) It was only when he saw the immense potential in the power of data and how the internet could revolutionise the way we conceive it. This was the point, where he found and boot-strapped BizProspex, -a CRM cleaning/list building/data mining start-up which specialises in everything data, in Burhanpur. In layman’s language, BizProspex helps entrepreneurs grow their online businesses by providing them with their choicest possession – data.

Though away from the traffic and hassles of Big city, setting up BizProspex in a tier three town, was no child’s game. Finding skilled people was a major challenge as the talented ones had already left for bigger cities to realize their dreams. Even the internet speed was way too slow for BizProspex to function smoothly. Also the people there lacked the required professionalism to take BizProspex high up the ladder.

However slowly, BizProspex through right marketing was able to attract talented people back to their hometowns and join hands towards Reverse Migration. Let’s say you want to open a café and your target audience are young people, BizProspex can help you find the details about them, for example, their names, age, interests, hobbies and other information relevant for you. Therefore, you can know your target audience well and draft a marketing strategy that is to the point and bear better results.

bizprospex team

In the time and era where every business wants to expand globally by going online, BizProspex has proved itself to be a deal-maker. Over a period of just six years, BizProspex has so far helped hundreds of companies grow or kick start their online businesses by providing data which is most relevant to them.

In 2016, BizProspex became part of the reverse migration movement. BizProspex has now shaped itself as a bustling young company formed by a pool of passionate people living in Burhanpur. Burhanpur also offers a low cost of living, lesser pollution and lesser stress levels.

BizProspex is now rated as among top 3 data mining companies in the world by Upwork, a freelancing platform. What sets BizProspex apart from other data mining companies is that it boasts of ~100% accuracy of data that it provides and a 120% money back guarantee in case of incorrect or redundant data. Quality is something that BizProspex never compromises upon which is why they replace all the wrong data and provides 100% relevant data only.

The reason why BizProspex manages to provide such a high accuracy is that they deploy manual data mining techniques which might take a little longer than its automated counterpart but stands taller in terms of data accuracy as nothing can beat human instincts and logic. They offer a myriad of services such as CRM cleaning, data mining, data appending, merging and de-duping data along with IT intent.

Here’s a brief overview of the services they provide:

  • CRM services: BizProspex can Optimize Customer Relationship Management tool so that online firms can enjoy higher ROI. They employ data cleansing methods for optimising the CRM tool.
  • Data Mining: BizProspex provides juicy leads that can kickstart any online business and help them grow manifolds. There is no replacement for a real human mind. BizProspex has developed its algorithms when it comes to manual data mining and ensures the highest possible accuracy.
  • Data Scrapping: Data Scrapping is an exercise where BizProspex replaces old or irrelevant data and provides juicy and shining new data.
  • Email Appending: BizProspex also specialises in building lead lists for its clients. With the help of the right lead list, any e-entrepreneur can kickstart its online business.
  • Tech Append:Apart from all the mentioned services BizProspex also applies logic for the young companies and provides consultation to grow their online businesses.

With a highly skilled team of over 50 data enthusiasts, BizProspex shows much promise. For more information about BizProspex and the services they offer you can always visit their website

UpWork’s New Connects Policy

Upwork has launched a new connects pricing policy, which will be valid from the 1st of May 2019.

A connect would now cost $ 0.15; also there would be no free connects.

Upwork has also revised its membership plans to reflect the new connects policy,the Freelancer Plus membership now costs $14.99 and offers 70 connects, while the price for Agency Plus membership remains unchanged and also there would be no connects as an additional benefit.  A similar revision was made to Upwork’s pricing policy in April 2016;the charges per project were raised from 10% to 22%, which had raised many eyebrows.

Upwork has claimed in their blog post that this revision to its pre-existing connects policy would bring reforms in work circulation on the platform; freelancers would bid on a project only if they are fit for it, thus giving an advantage to the one who deserves it better.

I think this move is aimed to improve work quality and establish opportunities for all. This move could also be directed towards balancing 12M freelancers and 5M clients active at Upwork. There would be fewer proposals from more relevant freelancers; also the clients would have the best to select from.

Earnings of all Upwork freelancers would be impacted largely while aspiring freelancers would have to go through a lot of struggle to establish them on the platform after this revision. Freelancers’ prices would soon soar, making this step worrisome for clients too.

I went through Upwork users’ reaction to this news and found out that many of them are unhappy by it.

Upwork user Mr. Scott Knudson tweeted about leaving Upwork to find other alternatives as he is worried about minor gains at Upwork.

Miss Arline Groenewald said that she was already upset with the previous 22% charge and this revision worries her more.

Another user Mr. Craig Rich has predicted that freelancers would soon migrate from Upwork to other freelancing platforms.


Miss Maria Paula expressed her concerns over the increased charges and also about applications which never get opened in her tweet,

I think this revision might have a decisive impact on Upwork; either it will make Upwork more quality centred or might cause its downfall too.

I’d like to know your opinion on this change to connects pricing policy of Upwork, please complete the following survey.



Ebiz scam busted, owners son arrested

Finally, the day has come after 3 years of writing content, making videos and making people aware of the  Ebiz scam which was showing the fake dreams of becoming overnight millionaires via MLM, the police have raided Ebiz house in Noida, shut down their bank accounts and arrested the owners.

What I started as a joke to tease a few friends turned out to be something big, super duper happy today, thank you Amit Kamble jee for the support overtime and all the friends who went on air with me against this ebiz scam in India.

Next mission is to stop Kanwizz and all the other MLM scams who targets youngsters.

For details, visit TOI here.

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Why You Need To Clean Your CRM: The Biggest Reasons for Customer Relationship Management

Undoubtedly, even in your business, the Sales team’s job is most likely to be the hardest. After all, they are the ones tasked with obtaining and maintaining customer information.. Surely, they use this information the most, but none of the organization’s operations can run smoothly without this critical data and contact intel. In spite of being so important, customer information will almost never come together in a meticulously organized way.

Imagine the typical sales office in any organization. The salespeople on board will be busy taking calls, making pitches and talking to prospects, leads or customers. They’re working hard to extract invaluable customer data. Sadly, information is scattered across a variety of channels and places, given how demanding and high-powered this process is, Maybe the call software has a comprehensive call log that is incredibly useful, but it lacks some important insight your salesperson discovered on the call.

That insight was probably written on a sticky note that could get lost in nothingness at any time. Additionally, critical customer information or communication details are scattered across digital calendars, spreadsheets, documents, email trails, or other platforms.

Such scattered information is a nightmare in a scenario where salespeople have to regularly retrace their communication with customers to do their job skillfuly. Imagine how difficult it would be to get quick updates or keep a track of things in this case. Moreover, sales in today’s era are time-sensitive. Everything has to be done fast, swiftly and efficiently. If you sales team’s daily schedule looks like this, it isn’t feasible to your organization’s long-term success.

This is where CRM systems can be very useful. Such software systems can help you bring cohesion and uniformity within operations for streamlined processes.

What Is Customer Relationship Management Exactly?



customer relationship management


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not a standalone software, activity or product. It refers to the various tools, techniques, technologies, and strategies employed by organizations to seek, acquire, develop, nurture, or even retain customers. These include present, past and even prospective customer relationships. CRM ensures that all the interactions with stakeholders run smoothly and flow freely without lack of information hindering your organizational goals. The end goal of a smooth-running CRM system is to make the process of sales easier and increase overall profits for the company.

CRM software helps an organization gather customer-centric data from multiple platforms or channels. It can be customized for each individual organization’s unique needs. Moreover, it can store detailed information about the customer’s buying journey. A CRM system can detail information right from personal info and contact details, to purchasing habits and even buying behaviour patterns.

All in all, your Customer Relationship Management system’s key function is its ability to bring all important customer information into a cohesive and structured format. It makes doing business easier with handy intel to fuel your outreach efforts. The customer’s complete relationship with your organization can be detailed in this manner. Such systems store and optimize deal details including notes, insights, call details, emails, and appointments.

Moreover, if you opt for the service, you can get live-notifications when your customer performs an activity with significance to you. You’ll get notifications when some clicks on a link via email, signs up for a webinar, visits your service or price page, or even interacts with your website chat system. We don’t have to tell you the importance of having such valuable information at your disposal.

The Biggest Reasons to Clean You Customer Relationship Management System

Given how important a CRM system’s functionality is to your sales efforts, you must do everything in your power to maintain, clean and optimize your Customer Relationship Management technology. Let’s learn the most important reasons in this article.

Optimize Time

Sales can take time to land, but the faster you can sell, the faster you’ll rake in the big bucks. With a CRM system, as we explained above, sales teams can maximize their productivity. However, if the database which powers the CRMs system is out dated, irrelevant or full of incorrect information, the time you’re so keen on saving will be wasted instead.

An awfully maintained customer relationship management system will end up with your sales efforts being wasted on dead end targets.

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Estimates suggest that 20% of records that make their way to a CRM system are duplicates. Moreover, precious time is wasted on these duplicates – time that could have otherwise gone to more return-generating activities. Bad data in your CRM is not entirely unavoidable. This makes keeping your Customer Relationship Management system clean even more important.

Save Money

No business owner can say no to spend less while getting more out of their investments. Employing a CRM system is surely a great way to optimize your investments by giving sales teams a one-stop communication solution. However, if this system is riddled with bad data, it takes away time and money.

Ineffective records cause your ad campaign results to drop. Such records are capable to losing money through leaks in the sales funnel. Moreover, without the backing of valid data, scheduling appointments, pitch meetings, phone calls, and even maintaining email or call logs becomes challenging. Without crystal-clear insight that up-to-date intel can bring, a CRM system doesn’t add value to your investment. This makes Customer Relationship Management system cleaning and maintenance extremely vital to your organization’s health.

Improve Marketing Response Rates

Contacting people from a bad email or marketing list is sure to bring average results at best. The response to your marketing campaigns in such a scenario won’t be ideal. You can’t undertake a full-fledged campaign on any platform with out-dated or irrelevant data.

increase response rate

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A CRM system will streamline the process of executing campaigns and even developing them. But if it isn’t supplemented with regular maintenance or cleaning, it will cause you to target the wrong people. Additionally, it may lead to getting blacklisted by email ISPs. With regular customer relationship management cleaning services, you are in a position to make insightful evaluations. You can evaluate if a person is an ideal customer for your organization or if they will respond to a particular marketing action. Moreover, it makes it easier to build trust and credibility by providing a smooth customer experience.

Retain More Customers

For any organization, retaining customers is a far more lucrative deal than acquiring new ones. This reselling to existing customers is furthered by a sense of trust and credibility in the market. A CRM system can get you to a position where retaining customers is easier. However, for this to be a reality, you need to clean and maintain the system for optimum functionality.

The last thing you need is a customer’s agitation set off by unwanted or unsolicited communication on your part. If your reps will repeatedly send across redundant info to existing customers when they’re not ready to buy, they may be put off. Eventually, this might translate to lower open rates, dropping click-through rates, and poor response in general. In such a scenario, cleaning out your CRM system regularly helps you stay on the edge and retain customers effectively.

The Bottom Line

Sure, you now know that Customer Relationship Management cleaning services are not something to skimp on. But, is there a type of cleaning that assures you better results?

At BizProspex, we believe that manual CRM data cleaning services/ data mining services have an edge over all other types of cleaning. When a bad Customer Relationship Management system can ruin your efforts, shoddy maintenance doesn’t really make a big difference. Instead, the focus is on finding a service that ensure immaculately verified, perfectly updated and meticulously checked records at the end.

With manual CRM data cleaning services, you are ensured top-notch results because as compared to machine intelligence, skilled technicians manually keep your CRM database running. The kind of accuracy that guarantees results for CRMs comes from hands-on, professional attention.

CRM data cleaning services are best availed from organizations that take the manual approach to maintaining your CRM. To ensure that your own teams don’t waste precious time, money or resources in the long run, such extra effort is required in such processes.

Right from Manual Data Cleaning or Researching, B2B Lead generation, skip tracing, data verification to CRM Cleaning, crm data appending, tech appending, data scraping, data scrubbing, web scraping services or anything related to Data, BizProspex is the right partner for your B2B business. If your marketing efforts aren’t bringing in the results you desire, it may be time to consider a Customer Relationship Management partner today!

Why I pay for software, apps and quality content, and why you should too

A lot of my friends think I am crazy when I pay for software, apps, content, and music (even if I know how to use them for free).

Indians love to not pay for software, art or content, for most people here if it can be used for free, why pay?

I think of it as paying it forward to the industry for their work and art, the artist needs to be rewarded for his time, effort and skill or we run out of creativity from this world (and good software to use).

I feel very content that I have not watched any pirated movie, nor used any pirated or counterfeit product or software since almost two years now, I think of it as paying it forward to the community of geeks and artists, I always try to pay something at the least if not in full, I make small donations to websites that I enjoy reading and have improved my thought process, websites which are donations supported, I try to pay every year, (Wikipedia — 3 year donor), I love to pay for quality journalism, artists and software. Plain and simple.

Broke people don’t go on to become Mozart’s or Musk’s of the world, please, pay it forward, donate bits to all chrome extensions, phone apps and plugins you use.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are rich enough, but with the 2$ donation, you make to that Chrome extension developer for using his software for free he puts food on the table for his family or else he will be forced to sell your data.