An Entrepreneur with a Difference – Murtaza Amin

In a country which caters most of its resources to its big cities, Murtaza Amin established a startup BizProspex in an Indian 3-tier town of Burhanpur. To do something for the region which had given him food to eat and air to breathe was the sole purpose behind this step.

murtaza amin

BizProspex is a data mining and B2B lead generation company, with a dream to bring a change in the society which believes big action can only happen in big cities.

In 2011, Murtaza started his career from a Mumbai based O2O (online to offline) firm. He soon realised that his ambition was to do something different. In 2013 He started BizProspex, a data mining and data cleaning company which offers on-demand data mining, data appending, b2b lead generation, CRM data cleaning and email appending services. It helps other businesses grow with the data it provides. Today, after six years of inception, BizProspex serves customers from all around the world.

One of the main objectives of founding BizProspex was to bring about reverse migration in Burhanpur. The cream youth of the city had moved to bigger cities in search of better opportunities; the main reason was lack of development and industrialisation which resulted in educated and skilled youth becoming unemployed. In India, the government is less interested in the advancement of smaller cities. Agriculture and allied sectors employ 44% of the total population of India, most of these people belong to rural India. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper attention by the government, the condition of this sector is bad and farmers are committing suicides which are affecting everyone working in this sector and people are migrating to big cities to find better chances of survival. Industrialisation is growing in India, but mostly in major urban areas where the impact of tax money spent is low as compared to that of smaller tier 3 towns. A uniform development strategy is required to bring rural India on the radar of modernisation (look at China for example).

Migration to urban areas has created many other problems. Big cities are becoming overcrowded, and the standard of living for recent migrants is too low. People are living on the streets.

mumbai street cooking

This image shows two youths cooking their food near Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai.

mumbai dream reality

This image shows a person taking a bath on a footpath near Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai.

Pollution of big cities is also a big issue today. Many people suffer from various respiratory disease in the Indian national capital New Delhi and other big cities, which is becoming a big reason for reverse migration.

In such a mess, BizProspex is doing its bit by employing 40 youth of this small town and is growing with time.

Initially, after founding BizProspex, Murtaza shifted to the USA to get better insights into the data industry. There is a massive difference between internet penetration and the number of online firms in the USA and India. In the year 2016, BizProspex shifted back to India in Burhanpur to serve as an example for reverse migration. However, it was not that easy; amongst the most significant challenges were hiring skilled people who can understand the start-up’s ideology and mould them up for future growth. Therefore hiring talented employees became a massive problem because the cream of the crowd had already moved to bigger cities in search of better job opportunities and improved lifestyle. So the choices were limited. Also, people lacked the necessary professionalism to take BizProspex a notch higher.

Although, the pros outshone the cons as BizProspex became part of the reverse migration movement. BizProspex has now shaped itself as a bustling young company formed by a pool of passionate people living in Burhanpur. Burhanpur also offers a low cost of living, lesser pollution and lesser stress levels.

BizProspex is now rated as among top 3 data mining companies in the world by Upwork, a freelancing platform. It boasts of 100% accuracy in the services it provides. The reason why BizProspex manages to ensure high accuracy is that they deploy manual data mining techniques which might take a little longer than its automated counterparts, but stands taller in terms of data accuracy as nothing can beat human instincts and logic, it also gives employment to more people.

It gives great satisfaction to repay the perks and bounties of our homeland. To pave the way for development and better lifestyles of people living with us is undoubtedly a privilege cherished by many. It might hamper the speed of growth, but it is rightly said by Mr Ratan Tata, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.”

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Why You Need To Clean Your CRM: The Biggest Reasons for Customer Relationship Management

Undoubtedly, even in your business, the Sales team’s job is most likely to be the hardest. After all, they are the ones tasked with obtaining and maintaining customer information.. Surely, they use this information the most, but none of the organization’s operations can run smoothly without this critical data and contact intel. In spite of being so important, customer information will almost never come together in a meticulously organized way.

Imagine the typical sales office in any organization. The salespeople on board will be busy taking calls, making pitches and talking to prospects, leads or customers. They’re working hard to extract invaluable customer data. Sadly, information is scattered across a variety of channels and places, given how demanding and high-powered this process is, Maybe the call software has a comprehensive call log that is incredibly useful, but it lacks some important insight your salesperson discovered on the call.

That insight was probably written on a sticky note that could get lost in nothingness at any time. Additionally, critical customer information or communication details are scattered across digital calendars, spreadsheets, documents, email trails, or other platforms.

Such scattered information is a nightmare in a scenario where salespeople have to regularly retrace their communication with customers to do their job skillfuly. Imagine how difficult it would be to get quick updates or keep a track of things in this case. Moreover, sales in today’s era are time-sensitive. Everything has to be done fast, swiftly and efficiently. If you sales team’s daily schedule looks like this, it isn’t feasible to your organization’s long-term success.

This is where CRM systems can be very useful. Such software systems can help you bring cohesion and uniformity within operations for streamlined processes.

What Is Customer Relationship Management Exactly?



customer relationship management


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not a standalone software, activity or product. It refers to the various tools, techniques, technologies, and strategies employed by organizations to seek, acquire, develop, nurture, or even retain customers. These include present, past and even prospective customer relationships. CRM ensures that all the interactions with stakeholders run smoothly and flow freely without lack of information hindering your organizational goals. The end goal of a smooth-running CRM system is to make the process of sales easier and increase overall profits for the company.

CRM software helps an organization gather customer-centric data from multiple platforms or channels. It can be customized for each individual organization’s unique needs. Moreover, it can store detailed information about the customer’s buying journey. A CRM system can detail information right from personal info and contact details, to purchasing habits and even buying behaviour patterns.

All in all, your Customer Relationship Management system’s key function is its ability to bring all important customer information into a cohesive and structured format. It makes doing business easier with handy intel to fuel your outreach efforts. The customer’s complete relationship with your organization can be detailed in this manner. Such systems store and optimize deal details including notes, insights, call details, emails, and appointments.

Moreover, if you opt for the service, you can get live-notifications when your customer performs an activity with significance to you. You’ll get notifications when some clicks on a link via email, signs up for a webinar, visits your service or price page, or even interacts with your website chat system. We don’t have to tell you the importance of having such valuable information at your disposal.

The Biggest Reasons to Clean You Customer Relationship Management System

Given how important a CRM system’s functionality is to your sales efforts, you must do everything in your power to maintain, clean and optimize your Customer Relationship Management technology. Let’s learn the most important reasons in this article.

Optimize Time

Sales can take time to land, but the faster you can sell, the faster you’ll rake in the big bucks. With a CRM system, as we explained above, sales teams can maximize their productivity. However, if the database which powers the CRMs system is out dated, irrelevant or full of incorrect information, the time you’re so keen on saving will be wasted instead.

An awfully maintained customer relationship management system will end up with your sales efforts being wasted on dead end targets.

optimize time                                                                       image source

Estimates suggest that 20% of records that make their way to a CRM system are duplicates. Moreover, precious time is wasted on these duplicates – time that could have otherwise gone to more return-generating activities. Bad data in your CRM is not entirely unavoidable. This makes keeping your Customer Relationship Management system clean even more important.

Save Money

No business owner can say no to spend less while getting more out of their investments. Employing a CRM system is surely a great way to optimize your investments by giving sales teams a one-stop communication solution. However, if this system is riddled with bad data, it takes away time and money.

Ineffective records cause your ad campaign results to drop. Such records are capable to losing money through leaks in the sales funnel. Moreover, without the backing of valid data, scheduling appointments, pitch meetings, phone calls, and even maintaining email or call logs becomes challenging. Without crystal-clear insight that up-to-date intel can bring, a CRM system doesn’t add value to your investment. This makes Customer Relationship Management system cleaning and maintenance extremely vital to your organization’s health.

Improve Marketing Response Rates

Contacting people from a bad email or marketing list is sure to bring average results at best. The response to your marketing campaigns in such a scenario won’t be ideal. You can’t undertake a full-fledged campaign on any platform with out-dated or irrelevant data.

increase response rate

image source

A CRM system will streamline the process of executing campaigns and even developing them. But if it isn’t supplemented with regular maintenance or cleaning, it will cause you to target the wrong people. Additionally, it may lead to getting blacklisted by email ISPs. With regular customer relationship management cleaning services, you are in a position to make insightful evaluations. You can evaluate if a person is an ideal customer for your organization or if they will respond to a particular marketing action. Moreover, it makes it easier to build trust and credibility by providing a smooth customer experience.

Retain More Customers

For any organization, retaining customers is a far more lucrative deal than acquiring new ones. This reselling to existing customers is furthered by a sense of trust and credibility in the market. A CRM system can get you to a position where retaining customers is easier. However, for this to be a reality, you need to clean and maintain the system for optimum functionality.

The last thing you need is a customer’s agitation set off by unwanted or unsolicited communication on your part. If your reps will repeatedly send across redundant info to existing customers when they’re not ready to buy, they may be put off. Eventually, this might translate to lower open rates, dropping click-through rates, and poor response in general. In such a scenario, cleaning out your CRM system regularly helps you stay on the edge and retain customers effectively.

The Bottom Line

Sure, you now know that Customer Relationship Management cleaning services are not something to skimp on. But, is there a type of cleaning that assures you better results?

At BizProspex, we believe that manual CRM data cleaning services/ data mining services have an edge over all other types of cleaning. When a bad Customer Relationship Management system can ruin your efforts, shoddy maintenance doesn’t really make a big difference. Instead, the focus is on finding a service that ensure immaculately verified, perfectly updated and meticulously checked records at the end.

With manual CRM data cleaning services, you are ensured top-notch results because as compared to machine intelligence, skilled technicians manually keep your CRM database running. The kind of accuracy that guarantees results for CRMs comes from hands-on, professional attention.

CRM data cleaning services are best availed from organizations that take the manual approach to maintaining your CRM. To ensure that your own teams don’t waste precious time, money or resources in the long run, such extra effort is required in such processes.

Right from Manual Data Cleaning or Researching, B2B Lead generation, skip tracing, data verification to CRM Cleaning, crm data appending, tech appending, data scraping, data scrubbing, web scraping services or anything related to Data, BizProspex is the right partner for your B2B business. If your marketing efforts aren’t bringing in the results you desire, it may be time to consider a Customer Relationship Management partner today!

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