Some life lessons and appreciation post for our hardworking staff

I’d like to appreciate the hardworking girls of our office.

One girl in Bpur pays home EMI
Another girls in Ngp pays home EMI
One girl I know invests in stocks (and is very careful about which stocks she picks and does proper research aswell).
Another invests in RDs
Another pays all house bills / grocery / rent along with his younger brothers’ education.

Super proud and happy to hear these stories.

Whoever has obligations, please help yourself first or your parents to clear off debt, whoever has excess cash, pls don’t spend it on shoes and clothes, invest wisely.

If you need help in finding good avenues to invest, please, consult a financial advisor (don’t go to a broker who’d try to sell your policies), don’t trust your friends / family (often times sabko bas gyaan pelna hai, pata kuch nahi hota).

Few things I personally follow:

1) Buy term insurance (pure term plan, no cashback and stuff), we have seen this in late Mr. Abbas Ali’s case 6 years ago. Life is uncertain.
2) Have health insurance for parents too (one medical issue can set you back by lakhs of rs, we have seen this in case multiple cases in our office, one example I can think of is Mr. Moeen, I hope the seniors remember this and learn from Moeen).
3) Have some money in cash in RD’s and FD’s (emergency fund).
4) Don’t loan money to friends and family (unless you are okay to forget that money completely), as the old saying goes “I had my money & my friend I lend my money to my friend I ask my money from my friend I lost my money & my friend”.
5) Don’t invest money in Crypto, or MLM or 21 din me paise double schemes, agar paise udana ka itna hi shauk hai to Goa me casino me uda dena.
6) Social media / Instagram pe dosto ki car / bikes dekh ke EMI pe tum mat kharid lo, shayad uske papa ne gift ki ho ya phir usko ghar me koi paise dena ki obligation na ho aur baap ke paas bohot paise ho, chadar dekh ke pair pehlao. Aadhe log jhuth aur phek chaap karte hai Instagram pe.
7) The easiest way to double your portfolio (Networth) is to double your salary, and the easiest way to double your salary is by knowledge, invest in quality education, invest in good books (read it too, buying and keeping on your side table won’t help, you are not Rohit Mehra from Krisshh, book sarr par rakhne se knowledge transfer nahi hoga).
8) Try to compound your knowledge / money / relationships / health (aaj acchi cheezo me invest karoge to lifetime fayde loge).
9) Invest in good friends, Iqbal chowk pe baith ke 4 rs ki chai aur chai pe charcha ya phir 4 khambe pe khade rehke cigarette phokne se kuch nahi ukhande wale ho (na tum na wo tumhara dost). (Don’t burn bridges in life).
10) Invest in your health, crore rupee bhi kama loge to non-healthy lifestyle budhape me paise ka sukh nahi leni degi. Diabetes / BP lifetime ka dukh hai jiska koi solution nahi, go for a walk, run, cycling, gyming, yoga, just put your phone down (jo ladki tumhe good morning shona bhej rahi hai, wo 4 aur logo ko bhej rahi hai), (same goes for guys too).
11) Don’t think too much about 4 log kia kahege, wo charo log jobless aur senseless hai, kehne do kia kehna hai unhe.

Live a happy life, don’t try to rationalize every decision, and don’t over think.

We tend to spend very little time taking decisions, rather spend that time justifying our irrational behavior.

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